Sunday, 20 March 2016

March Break Madness | Tara Berries

March Break this year was very busy as I worked in the pre-school room all week and our programming was on point! Almost every March Break, whether I have it off or not, I usually make plans with my best friend Dale. Dale lives in Toronto and I live East of Toronto so visiting him is fairly easy. One year we went to Snakes and Lattes, a game cafe, another year we saw Chicago the Musical, last year we went to Casa Loma, and this year we chilled out and tried some different restaurants/bars.

Friday I was able to leave early from work (a lot of our children's parents are teachers and they kept their kids home or went on vacation for the week) so I was able to get on the Go Train at a decent time. I met up with Dale and we headed to his apartment to drop off my overnight bag.

I have heard a lot of people talk about eating Ramen, a Japanese soup with ramen noodles and I had suggested trying it out. Dale took me to Sansotei on Dundas Street. We met up with Dale's friend Isaac for this part of the night and it was delicious!

I thought the flavours blended together in the bowl really well and surprisingly the boiled egg was good. I loved the bean sprouts in the soup and I would definitely go back here again. While eating dinner we were deciding what to do afterwards. We were going to go to The Lockhart but I didn't want to wait in a lineup which I assumed there would be one on a Friday night. Isaac brought up the idea of going to a small bar with a live band and I was all for it! We picked a bar in the village called Statlers and as soon as we walked in Dale said, "the guy on the piano is amazing!" There was a girl singing, a guy on the piano, and another guy playing guitar and they asked us if we had any requests. Dale asked if they could do a musical song and they ended up asking multiple people what their favourite musical was and they created a medley of each of our favourite musicals. Such a great night!

The next day was Saturday so we were able to sleep in and relax a little. Dale loves breakfast and one of my favourite things he does when I come down is to take me out to a different breakfast place. This time Dale took me to Fran's, a diner with an old-fashioned feel. I ordered the corn beef hash which was amazing! After that, we did some shopping and I got to check out H&M Home which was pretty neat. 

Saturday was also Earth Hour so we wanted to go to the One Eighty around 8:30 for drinks. The One Eighty is a restaurant on the top of the Manulife Financial building and is surrounded by windows and has a balcony. We could see most of the city including the CN Tower so we could view the buildings that turned off their lights.

 We ordered fancy cocktails and shared some fish tacos. The whole experience was really nice and I enjoyed myself so much. After we left The One Eighty I headed home by catching the Go Train. 

Since my March Break was super busy with work and going to Toronto, I took my nephews to Purple Woods on the last Sunday morning before March Break was over. Purple Woods is a conservation area in Durham Region and they were hosting their Maple Syrup Festival. There was so many neat activities to educate my nephews on how maple syrup is made. We finished the morning by eating pancakes of course!

That was my great weekend which ended my March Break! Let me know if you have been to any of the places I visited and what you thought!

xo. Tara