Monday, 23 May 2016

My 26th Birthday Celebrations | Tara Berries

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This past Wednesday I turned 26 years-old and with that came a week long celebration with different people. I am very lucky to have my birthday the day before two of my best friends who are a year older than myself. I always celebrate with my best friend Dale but Megan and I are not always in the same area to celebrate together so this year was extra nice. My friend Crystal made my birthday special by taking me out to dinner and buying me cupcakes!

The week long birthday celebration started off with my best friend planning a laser quest night for the May birthday friends he has. We went out on a Friday and played three games (I lost all three games) and we obviously picked Harry Potter names when playing. Then on Sunday I planned a trampoline day at Sky Zone in Whitby which was a lot of fun. My friends and I did our gift exchange on this day and I bought Dale a Fitbit, a travel tea mug, and a lantern for his patio. I also purchased a Stella & Dot bracelet for my friend Megan which I am so glad she loves. Did you know Stella & Dot has a wonderful variety of gifts for under $50? Check out their web-site and see the beautiful accessories they have.

I was spoiled on my birthday by all of my loving friends and family. My friend Kylee bought me a Charmed Aroma candle (read my review here) and a Thirty-One tote bag (perfect for supply teachers!) My sister had a Stella & Dot trunk show and my mom attended and bought me the Lightning Studs and the Aurora Stud Pack in silver. I also had a Jamberry party with my friends and got some really nice nail wraps and manicure items.

My good friend Megan's mom is a retired kindergarten teacher and she knows what I need in order to go from class to class. She has given me several "Supply Teacher Emergency Kits" but this one takes the cake! She bought an Inside Out book, a craft package, bookmarks to give out, stickers, a journal, notes to the teachers, and certificates! My best friend Dale bought me the book shown in the picture above Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys and he bought me this Kate Spade phone case.

On my birthday my sister hosted a pizza party for me. She makes her pizza homemade including the dough and the sauce. I love it so much and I appreciate the effort it took for both my sister and brother-in-law in making this delicious pizza. Our friends Amanda and Nathan came over and they were so sweet! I received some gift cards which have already been put to good use.

This past weekend we ended our birthday celebrations by going for drinks to celebrate Megan's birthday in Toronto. We went to a pub and met up with Megan, her husband David, and their friends. I spent the night with Dale and the next day we went for brunch with our friend Isaac. I enjoyed this whole week because I was able to spend time with my wonderful friends and family.

How do you celebrate your birthdays? Let me know in the comments!

Xo. Tara Berries


  1. This coming birthday will be my golden (29!!) Booze and child-free time for both me and my husband! Hehe

  2. Laser tag and pizza sound awesome! Happy belated birthday!

  3. Looks like you had a pretty amazing birthday week! I love that you had Harry Potter names while you played laser tag. So much fun :)

  4. Love that you celebrate a birthday week! Although now in my 40s, I really would rather forget birthdays!!!

  5. This looks like such a fun birthday week! Happy Birthday!