Sunday, 26 June 2016


Summer is a time for getting outside and trying new things. As a supply teacher, summer is downtime but I have a job at a daycare to keep me busy however, I will have many days off especially in August. In order to prevent myself from just chilling on my days off, I decided to create a Summer Bucket List to hold myself accountable. 
Here is my Summer Bucket List:

1. Go to a Blue Jays Game: The Toronto Blue Jays did a really good job last year and made it to the play-offs and I actually took the time to learn about baseball and how it works. Now that I know some of the rules to baseball I think it would be fun to see a baseball game in Toronto.

2.  Enjoy a day at the beach: I love going to the beach and I can't wait to grab some friends and drive to the beach. Work on my tan, grab an ice cream and just enjoy the day.

3. Ride a bike along a trail: I used to love going on bike rides with my best friend but the bike I had was no longer rideable so I need to find a new bike and go on a trail ride. 

4. Practice my Ukulele: My best friend bought me a DIY Ukulele and I built it so now I need to learn to play it. I work with little children and I would love to bring it in and play it for them.

5. Clean and organize my spare room: The spare room is a disaster and needs to be organized and cleaned out. Definitely a job for the summer.

6. See fireworks on Canada Day: I don't always see fireworks on Canada Day but this year I have a wedding rehearsal on the same day and we will be in the area where the fireworks are held so I should be able to enjoy them.

7. Read 5 Books: Being a huge bookworm you would think that I have read a lot of books this year but I have been so busy that I am way behind my Goodreads book challenge. Reading 5 books will not catch me up but it will at least get me reading again.

8. Watch a movie at the drive-in theatre: I love going to the drive-in because you get to see two movies in one night. I can't wait to go and buy some popcorn and watch some good summer movies.

9. Enjoy a fun day with my nephews: I will most likely have many fun days with my nephews but I want to plan a really fun day where we have a water gun fight, make bubbles and blow them and play games outside.

10. Learn how to use a barbecue: This might sound really sad but I rarely barbecue. There is always someone who is the "grill master" but I would like to become better at using the barbecue myself.

What are some things on your summer bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

Xo. Tara Berries

Saturday, 4 June 2016


I just recently turned twenty-six and I have to tell you, everything everyone told me about my twenties being filled with weddings is completely true. I am currently a bridesmaid in my third wedding in three years and I have agreed to plan the bachelorette party, you can read here about the wedding shower. 

Being in a wedding party is expensive and can cause a lot of behind the scenes grumblings but I have recently realized that after next year, most of my good friends will be married and the wedding years will come to a close. I will be invited to many weddings of course, but not to do all of the wedding party events that my summers have been filled with over the last few years. With that reminder, I have come to the conclusion that I should enjoy the wedding events that I am in and not worry about the costs because in the end, I have great memories from each wedding.

Currently, I am planning a wedding party for my friend Stephanie who is very laid back and not one to go out on a pub crawl. Planning for her bachelorette party has been interesting as it will be the first local bachelorette party I have planned. I live outside of Toronto and have planned a limo ride to a bar in the city for my sister's wedding two years ago and for my friend Megan's bachelorette party we went to Blue Mountain.

The first part of planning a bachelorette party is to establish a date that the bridal party can agree upon and then pick the vibe you want for the bachelorette party. Is the bride a party-goer, artist, nature lover? Once you know what the bride and bridal party are looking for you can start to plan for the main activity.

The main activity is probably the most expensive part of the night and so it is important that the bridal party will all enjoy it. Here are 5 bachelorette party activities ideas:

  • Pub Crawl
  • Cottage Weekend
  • Vineyard Wine Tasting and Spa day
  • Tourist exploration (Niagara Falls, Toronto, Blue Mountain)
  • Paint Nite
With many of the activities listed there is usually time for dining and games. Whether you are dining at a fancy restaurant or having a barbeque at the cottage you should be planning what and where you will eat ahead of time. Make reservations when everyone has RSVP'd.

Planning the games can be a lot of fun! How Does She created a list of really unique bachelorette party ideas that can be done with various types of parties. Scavenger hunts can be fun to do when out on a pub crawl or a lingerie game can be done at a cottage weekend. 

Have you planned a bachelorette party? If so, what are some of your helpful tips? Have you been to a bachelorette party before, what did you like? What did you like?

Xo. Tara Berries.