Thursday, 15 September 2016


Woohoo, it is the second Friday of the school year! I have already worked my first supply day and am eagerly anticipating more days to come. This past week has been quite a chill week for me but I have been doing more research on how to make my blog better and I will let you know what type of research I have been doing in this blog post! Since it is Friday I thought I would share with you five things that I have done this week.

1. I visited the Toronto Zoo. If you are a regular on my blog then you would have read my review of the time I spent at the Toronto Zoo. It was such a fun experience and I got to meet Juno, the ten-month-old polar bear! There was also the first pair of twin pandas ever born in Canada, how cool is that? You can check out my review here and let me know if you have been to the Toronto Zoo or any zoo near you in the comments section. 

2. Melyssa Griffin's Webinar: 4 Ways to Use Pinterest to Dramatically Grow Your Traffic + Audience. I am part of Melyssa Griffin's (a blog marketing guru) mailing list and when she mentioned she was giving a free webinar I was totally in. Luckily I was available to see what she had to say about growing my Pinterest traffic and she had a lot of cool ideas. I am slowly putting her tips into practice on my Pinterest page and making better graphics for my blog. I know I still need to work on my photography but that will come along with time.

3. I finally put up my sign from Anchor & Co. Don't forget to be awesome is my favourite saying and I even have a necklace from Stella & Dot with the letters DFTBA on it (all my students like to ask me what the letters stand for). So when I won this beautiful sign in an online auction I was incredibly happy.

4. My UNIK CASE-Purple Light Blue Gradient Ombre Triangular Galore Graphic Ultra Slim Light Weight Matte Rubberized Hard Case Cover for Macbook Air 13". Alright, so I am little knew to the MacBook world and I am in laptop love. I have always been very techy (obviously, I run a blog) but this MacBook is literally a dream come true. I have been meaning to find a stylish case for it and I just ordered this case off of Amazon. I love the ombre look and I think it reflects my girly style so well. I can't wait to show you all pictures of it when it comes in the mail. 

5. Millennial Show Podcast: I have stated in previous blog posts that I am a huge fan of these podcasters (they also created MuggleCast back in the day) and I have followed them through their podcasting careers. Millennial Show is the type of podcast that makes you laugh out loud at their funny day-to-day lives but also keeps you informed on current events. Such a fun show to listen to in the car on my way to a supply teaching call.

Thank-you so much for reading my Five on Friday. Let me know what you are loving this Friday in the comments below.

Xo. Tara Berries

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  1. Loving pumpkin spice foods and not having school today!

  2. WOW your week was more productive than mine. Hope to catch replay of Melissa Griffin webinar if still available. Love the hard case for the laptop! have a great weekend.