Thursday, 1 September 2016


Hello everyone! Can you believe it is September already? I sure can't! I am so excited for fall as it is my absolute favourite time of year. I love warm sweaters, scarves, ankle boots, and of course, Starbucks. I thought before getting into my September Goals, I would bring up how my August goals went.

1. Blog twice a week: I was able to blog twice a week this month and sometimes more than twice a week. This consistency in blogging helped grow my view count and I am very proud of where my blog is at right now.

2. Buy my own domain: As you can see I bought my own domain This was scary territory because blogging became more real to me this month. With any free blog account you can just let it go if you aren't feeling it but when you are invested in blogging with your own domain you kind of need to keep at it.

3. Workout twice a week: I managed this goal as well! Super proud of myself for working out and playing Pokemon Go kept my cardio going as well.

4. Read more books: If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know that August has been great for reading more books. You can click here to read about the books I read in August. 

1. Blog twice a week: September means back to routine and even though it should be a slow month for supply teaching, I really want to set the routine for the rest of the year. I plan to take my photographs on the weekends and blog in the evenings.

2. Work on my photography: I have a Nikon D4300 and am slowly learning how to use it. I was given it by my lovely sister but there was no manual passed with the camera so I am focusing on figuring out how to use it on manual mode. If you know of any online courses I can take to boost my photography please let me know in the comments.

3. Workout twice a week: I workout at home so I should be able to continue this trend. I want to keep at my fitness routine all year long.

4. Eat healthier: I have cut out most fast food and I think I am eating healthier than in the springtime but I could definitely start counting my calories. By using Myfitnesspal I should hopefully be able to keep my calories on track to help me lose more weight.

5. Create a savings plan: Last fall I was able to open up a tax-free savings account from money I had made before getting on the supply list for a school board. Since the last year was a rough one supply teaching, I haven't saved much money. I need to create a savings plan so even when I make only a little bit of money, I am still putting some away for the bigger things in life.

Those are my goals for September. What are your goals for September? Please share them with me in the comments below! Never miss a blog post by following me on bloglovin'.

Xo. Tara Berries


  1. We seem to have a lot of similar goals mine are working out more and blogging more! I'm so glad you got to get your domain it's so nice!!!

    Corsica |

  2. COngratulations on August goals. September goals look good and realistic. Also congrats on own domain! I started a bullet journal in September so hoping that keeps me on track goals, appointments and to do. Love fall also and looking forward to following you on your adventures!!

  3. How organized of you. Congrats on meeting your goals!!

  4. I have a few similar goals - I definitely want to blog a few times a week and keep up with my workouts (getting more difficult, because I'm in the midst of a move). Congrats on eating healthier! That's one of the best decisions you can make and it will give you so much more energy to accomplish the other things on your list. YouTube is great for at home workouts and I also love doing the Tone It Up girls' workouts. I'm on their email list, so they email a quick (10 min or so) workout each morning and I don't even have to plan what I'm doing. :) Makes it much easier when I don't have to come up with the workout myself.
    xoxo, erin |
    xoxo, erin |

  5. September is looking pretty similar for me as well! I want to be more consistent overall - with blogging, working out and eating healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Great job on your goals from August! I love how measurable and to the point your goals are. I would also like to work on my photography. If you end up finding a great course, let me know!

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