Monday, 28 November 2016

25 Fun Things to put you in the Christmas Mood| Tara Berries

Christmas is a holiday that continues to be celebrated longer and longer each year. December hasn't even come yet and I have already put up my Christmas tree, lights, and all my decorations plus I have been to a Christmas party. Can you just imagine what December will be like?

My friends and I love Christmas and we try to together and celebrate by attending Christmas events throughout the community. I thought I would share with you some things that you could do to put you rself in the Christmas mood!

25 Fun Things to put you in the Christmas Mood:

1. Attend a Santa Claus Parade in your area. I have been to the Oshawa Santa Claus parade numerous times but this year my friends and I stood out in the freezing cold with snow billowing down on us to see the Toronto Santa Claus Parade. I had never been to the Toronto parade before and it was even more magical than seeing it on television. I loved being with my friends and enjoying the day.

2. Listen to Christmas music on the radio. The Buffalo Station 102.5 must start their Christmas music right after Hallowe'en because I have been listening to Christmas music all month long. I love putting Christmas songs on while wrapping Christmas presents or even just playing it in the car on my way to work.

3. Get a manicure in Christmas colours. I can't wait to be able to paint my nails for Christmas!

4. Create Christmas drinks and test them before serving them at Christmas parties. Apple Cider Sangria is a drink I plan to make this year.

5. Bake Cookies: My best friend and I baked Christmas cookies yesterday and they turned out so well! I was so happy to make sugar cookies and they tasted great.

6. Host a cookie exchange party: I haven't done this yet but it sounds like a neat idea. I like that you can bake one type of cookie and come home with many other different types. That way you aren't eating just one type of cookie for the month of December.

7. Read a Christmas Book: I love nothing more than to curl up with a good book and sit by the Christmas tree. Make a hot chocolate and you've got the perfect night! A book recommendation is Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. The book is set over the holidays and I think it is nice and light which is great for a quick read over Christmas break.

8. Host a Do It Yourself party which is a great way to create Christmas gifts without spending too much money. DIY gifts are great because they come with extra meaning in them.

9. If you aren't interested in giving away Do It Yourself gifts you can always create Do It Yourself Christmas Decor for your house.

10. Host a Naughty Santa gift exchange party. I have already been to one last weekend and am going to another next weekend. I love these gift exchanges because the limit isn't too high and it is always fun to see the range of different gifts people receive.

11. Attend a Christmas Church Service. If there is anytime to attend Church, Christmas is that time. Churches usually put on a nativity play or  a Christmas themed play which are always fun to attend.

12. Set up a photoshoot for your family. My sister has a Christmas photoshoot every year with her kids and one of the photos will be the picture on the Christmas card she sends out. I think it is a great idea to get dressed up and share your life with those you love by sending a nice photo card.

13. Go shopping for a new Christmas outfit. I desperately need new clothes and a new Christmas outfit is something I will be looking for this month. It is nice to have an excuse to go and purchase new clothes!

14. Donate to a local food bank. Being fortunate enough to have food to eat everyday is something I take for granted and I noticed I had a number on non-perishable items I could donate and so I did. When you are blessed with so much it is important to bless others as well.

15. Order Swiss Chalet's Festive Special. If you are Canadian like I am you know all about Swiss Chalet's Festive Special but if you don't know about I will let you in on the secret. Around Christmas time Swiss Chalet, a chicken restaurant, sells their Festive Special which consists of rostisserie chicken, choice of side, stuffing, cranberry sauce, a bun, Swiss Chalet sauce, and a box of Lindor Chocolates. Delicious.

16. Advent Calendar. An Advent Calendar goes from December 1-24 and really counts down the days until Christmas. The most common Advent Calendar are chocolate ones but you can get ones filled with makeup, nail polish, or bath and body supplies.

17. Decorate your house: My house has been decorated for two weeks now but you can decorate your house whenever you feel like it. Whether you have a real Christmas tree or a fake one there is nothing quite like decorating for Christmas.

18. Visit Starbucks as much as you possibly can. I know a lot of people go on about the pumpkin spice latte during the fall but when Starbucks brings out their holiday drinks I am in heaven. I love their Chestnut Praline Latte so much that when I saw the Toronto Santa Claus parade I went and purchased three of them throughout the day.

19. Try out different Christmas Scented Candles. Bath & Body Works has the greatest supply of Christmas Themed candles and I love lighting them up and having my house filled with Christmas scents.

20. Practice your own Christmas photography: Baking Christmas cookies? Finished a DIY project and it looks AMAZING? Get out your camera and start taking pictures. Now is the time to share with the world the things you love and to practice taking photos with your camera.

21. Participate in a Secret Santa. This one is not something I am good at because I can't actually keep a secret. But if your work colleagues are interested of a group of friends want to do it this could be a great way to make someone smile as you get to secretly surprise them!

22. Write out Christmas cards: I love a handwritten note in my Christmas cards. The extra special sentiment goes a long way.

23. Christmas trivia night: Do you regularly have friends over for a game night? Well invite them over for Christmas trivia! I love trivia games and I really love Christmas so Christmas trivia ia a great idea.

24. Christmas movie night: This is a given and whether I am watching with friends or family or I am watching it alone, I always enjoy re-watching my favourite Christmas films.

25. Attend a Holiday Market: The Toronto Christmas Market is lovely this time of year. I haven't gone this year but I went last year and a few years before that and it really is worth the crowds to go! The decorations, the spiked apple cider in the beer gardens, Christmas carols playing, and the little shops selling homemade items all make it to be an extra special event!

I hope that my list gave you some good ideas to get you into the Christmas mood. Let me know if you plan on crossing some of these items off your own list in the comments below!

Xo. Tara Berries