Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016 | Tara Berries

December must be a crazy month for everyone and if you are like me you are probably just starting your Christmas shopping. I have been thinking very hard about what to give friends and family for Christmas and I thought I would share with you a few of the gifts I will giving this year.

For the Naughty Santa Game:

You have probably played the Naughty Santa game with family, friends, or co-workers but in case you don't know it, here is a run down: Everyone brings a gift and you all draw numbers and pick a gift to open accordingly. You can either open a gift or steal a gift except for the first person, they can open their gift and at the very end they get a chance to steal a gift if they choose. 

I think the Mouthguard Challenge Game game is an affordable game to give at a Naughty Santa gift exchange. It is a fun game and most people will like it.

Gift for Her:

The Blanket Scarf has quickly become a classic piece for anyone who lives in places that experience really cold winters. The Blanket Scarf can be done in so many ways which you can see here. This would be the perfect gift for a best friend or a sister.

Gift for Him:

This Syma X11C RC Quadcopter with Camera and LED Lights - Red is the perfect gift for a guy of any age. Most guys like toys and this Drone is affordable and has a camera attached to it. I highly recommend this drone for anyone who like to get a gadget for Chrstimas.

Gift for Mom:

If your mom is someone who you think would be interested in essential oils I highly recommend this Eden Garden gift set. The Top 6 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Basic Aromatherapy Sampler Essential Oil Gift Set by Edens Garden is a great starter kit for anyone interested in essential oils. The packaging of this gift set is perfect and the oils that come with the set are very useful. I use Lavendar in my laundry and Lemon when I am cleaning.

Gift for Dad:

If your dad loves being in the backyard all summer long he will love the All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation) speaker. The Echo Dot is equipped with Alexa (kind of like Siri) and will sink with Spotify, iHeartRadio, or Amazon Music. Hands free is all the rage right now and your dad can be raking the leaves and he can ask Alexa to change the song. How neat is that?

Gift for the Harry Potter Fan:

There is always a Harry Potter fan in a family or group of friends and colouring books are still a big thing. This Harry Potter Coloring Book is gorgeous as all the pictures really reflect the world of Harry Potter and it official as it is published by Scholastic. I own this colouring book and I love to put on a movie on Netflix and colour in this book.

That  concludes my gift guide. I tried to pick items that were under $50 and I think I managed to accomplish this task. Let me know what is on your Christmas gift guide or if you plan on ordering any of the gifts that I listed from my own gift guide in the comments below.

Xo. Tara Berries