Sunday, 12 February 2017


As an occasional teacher (substitute teacher) and a supply staff for the YMCA I often have a different schedule every week. In order to keep track of where I am each day, whether it was a full day, two-thirds day, or half a day, and whether I worked for the school board or the YMCA I use a planner. My planner is a planner which I cannot find for the life of me online but I purchased it at Chapters in August.

I start my week by writing any pre-booked days I already have as well as any appointments for the week. I then add stickers for any blog posts or photos I want to publish or take. Here is a picture of this coming week that I have listed. As you can see, I am still waiting to be booked for Thursday and Friday and I have plans to take photos on Saturday and publish a blog post for next Sunday.

The planner stickers that I purchased were from an Etsy Shop called Love Your Planners. I liked that they shipped quickly and the size of their stickers. Here is a picture of all the stickers that I have purchased from them:

So that is how I plan weekly for a job that is very unpredictable. Let me know of any planners that you recommend in the comments below because I probably won't repurchase the one I have.

Xo. Tara Berries