Sunday, 5 February 2017

Teaching Physical Education to School-Age Students

Since graduating from teacher's college in 2013 I have had many experiences teaching physical education both in a traditional school setting as well as in after school programs. I have my CATCH training which means I learned how to create games in which children are actively participating throughout the whole game. I worked for the Boys and Girls Club of Durham as well as the YMCA of Greater Toronto where I ran programs for school-age children to promote physical activity. Not only did I have my students up and moving for at least 45 minutes of the program time but they began to enjoy it as well.

Now I am an occasional teacher for a school board and I am frequently asked to do Daily Physical Activity with the students either in the classroom or outside. I also have to cover Phys. Ed. class for a variety of grades from Kindergarten to Grade 8. While I can run a game off the top of my head with various equipment and in a variety of settings (classroom, gym, outside etc...) I know not everyone has had the experience I have had. So if you are in need of a resource that gives you a list of warm-up activities, cooperative activities, tag games, and cool down activities, I created a resource for you!

Just click here to download the free Primary Physical Education Activities document from my Teachers Pay Teachers site. It would be great if you could review the product as well and let me know what you think of it. This is the first product I have created for Teachers Pay Teachers and I would appreciate your feedback. 

Thank-you so much for check it out. If you are a teacher, ECE, EA, or CYW let me know in the comments which games you have played with the children you work with.

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Tara Berries